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Game News

Welcome to Strategists a Shu guild of Kingdom Heroes. Strategists is a guild where wits is above all else. We strive to use our wits to protect our great land of Shu and our masters of the Liu Clan. Please feel free to explore the site, post on forums, and add screen shots

Guild News

It's been a while.

HamsterLord91, Sep 26, 10 12:30 PM.
Yes, like the headlines states, it's been a while since i posted something here.

First off,
Congratulations to Strategists for successfully holding Xiaopei for 3 weeks running or is it been 1 mth already? On a side note, members please graciously donate your materials to guild bank or donate them directly to Construction Manager at Xiaopei for market construction(FOR NOW). We are also looking solid on 2nd position for Guild Power and Bravery Rankings.

Congratulations to StratArmy to have gotten Chenliu twice(tho we lost it this war, im positive we can get it back next war!) However, I prefer that StratArmy members not donate any material to Chenliu and rather to only Xiaopei. Reason being that Chenliu is enemy capital~

A 2nd in Command of Strategists will be open for contest, the council will together decide who will be taking the position from any possible positions in guild, and also the position of the member will also require filling up, so expect yourself to be promoted if u feel u are a deserving member!



Rebzilla, Sep 2, 10 8:24 AM.
Hi, this is Rebz as some of u may remember i was a lowly Guild member until HamsterLord graciously promoted me to leader of the sub guild StratArmy. I wanted to let all guildies of strategists clan know that we need your help to level our guild so if u could spare a couple gold here and there it would definitely help. Just PM me and we will meet to trade. Thanks all!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        P.S. If anyone wants to register with StratArmy to help me out and take on more responsiblity PM me!!


HamsterLord91, Aug 17, 10 10:31 PM.
As you all might know our 3rd in command, Shiyuan is returning to sch and real life and is quitting the game, therefore before he leaves, i hope to hold like a leaving event for him. please leave ur suggestions before this friday and we will decide what to hold. 

Why did u have to leave o.O


HamsterLord91, Aug 15, 10 1:46 AM.
Congratulations to all Strategists members,

We have finally gotten our own city, Shouchun, it is located at bottom right of the map and is a Lv90-100 Area, so members who are unable to reach there find a higher ranked member and drive u there using a boat if they are free. 

Donations for the city, please donate flax light hide cotton superior hide wool and heavy pelt to the city, donate under Statue too. 

Please be active for the coming wednesday war so we can successfully defend our city!

There is no change in COC.

Level 5 and taking of a city

HamsterLord91, Aug 12, 10 8:55 PM.
Our guild is finally really Level5, and we have lots of new recruits and players above lv100(15 now i tink) I say it is time for us to join the elites of KH and get for ourselves a city. This Saturday's war will be a crucial war, it might have an unprecedented amount of players from Strats (ard 30 if all that agrees to attend, comes for the war) 

As for the joining of Exodus Union, it will happen within the week or not. Negotiations are underway, if deemed unfair for our guild, we will kindly decline them. 

Chain Of Command

Ronix(2nd in Command)
Vix(2nd in Command)
Evangeline(Vivi - 2nd in command)
Shiyuan(3rd in command)
XuanDe(3rd in command)

Ranked Members(Generals and above) are also available to take items from Guild Bank
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